Weight Loss Tips for Men & Women

Lose Weight Fat TipsThere are two types of people in the world; people who keep fit, eat properly and workout and on the other end of the spectrum people who don’t take care about their bodies, eat anything and everything and don’t workout.

The latter being the reason why obesity is such a major problem worldwide, and the uncanny thing is that many people don’t even realize that they’re overweight.

Being overweight does not only have a negative effect to your physical health (causing illnesses like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and that’s just a few) but also your mental health by lowering your self esteem and confidence.  

Top 5 Causes of Weight Gain


The first step to losing and managing your weight is to find the problem. Below is a list of things that cause and / or support weight gain.

1. The Food You Eat

The most common cause of weight gain is a poor diet. A diet high in sugar, carbs and starch are likely to have a negative effect on your weight, as these are known fattening agents, more especially sugar, sugar is a silent killer!

2. The Way You Eat Your Food

How you eat your food is also another determining factor in weight gain. If you rush when eating, you probably aren’t chewing your food enough so it doesn’t digest properly. Therefore even if you just ate a full meal, you would still feel hungry, hence causing you to eat more than your body actually needs.

3. Sleep

Your sleeping patterns play a crucial role in the amount of food you consume. Due to the fact that when you are tired, your hormones are altered and this in turn can increase your glucose levels and weight.

4. Stress Levels

When you are stressed, your stress hormones effect your body by increasing glucose levels as well as your heart rate. This in the long run causes excess fat production (more especially around your organs) therefore you have health problems and if you have to take medications to counteract these problems it should be noted that some medications cause you to gain weight.

5. Slow Metabolism Due to Lack of Exercise

If you aren’t working out or staying fit, your metabolism will slow down, and as a consequence your body will burn off food at a lower rate. Also if you don’t exercise that extra fat is just going to build and build and eventually result in you being overweight.


3 Tips to Help You Lose Weight & Fat


What many people fail to realize is that it’s relatively easy to maintain a normal weight as well as shed off those extra pounds weighing you down. Below are some tips to help you lose as well as manage your weight.

1. What You Eat is Important

This does not mean that you need to turn into a rabbit and eat only salads. Rather control what you eat and follow a healthy diet.

# Stay away from the sugar. Yes it’s delicious, but you have no idea of how many pounds you are packing on, by eating that sugar loaded dessert or by having that sugary drink. I’m not saying that you have to eliminate it altogether, just gradually decrease the amount you consume.

# Carbs aren’t your friend. In fact they are your arch enemy, making homes for themselves in your stomach and thighs and let’s not forget hips, and the whole “keep your enemies close” saying totally doesn’t apply here, so limit your carb intake as much as possible while you are trying to lose weight.

2. Working Out is Essential

One of the easiest ways to shed those calories is to workout. If your excuse is that gym’s to costly, then don’t you worry, because with so many “at home” weight loss workout videos on YouTube these days, it makes exercising super easy and convenient.

# If videos isn’t your thing, then just go for a run around the park. As long as you are activating and engaging your metabolism, you most definitely are going to lose weight.

# If you are one of those “I don’t have time to workout” people, then you can opt to do a high intensity exercises (hit) workout. These workouts are killer and leave you panting and sweaty after, but it only takes about 10 – 15 minutes to do and is guaranteed to help shed those extra pounds.

# Working out is also good for your health, overall fitness and sleeping pattern. It’s been proven that people who workout sleep better and sounder and if you sleep well, then you are likely to handle stressful situations better. So it’s like killing the weight loss, health, fitness, sleep and stress birds with 1 workout stone.

3. To Supplement or Not

FDA approved weight loss supplements are designed to increase your metabolism thereby allowing your body to burn fat faster.

Fat burning weight loss supplements also boost energy, and promote fat to be burnt off and used as energy.

Weight loss supplements are also known to suppress hunger. Even though your metabolism is working faster, you will remain fuller for longer, hence you will eat less.

It should be noted that you can’t just take a weight loss supplement and continue to eat bad food and maintain an unhealthy lifestyle. Weigh loss supplements work hand in hand with a good workout routine.

If you want to try weight loss supplements buy only from reputable sources and make sure they are FDA approved. Be also aware of the ingredients because some of these supplements can have side effects. If in any doubt always consult your doctor.


Weight Loss Men Vs Women


Have you ever wondered why a man can eat a lot in one sitting and not gain much weight, yet if a woman eats even one extra piece of cake, you will likely see it on her hips the next day. Now don’t go thinking that men are magical creatures or anything, below are 3 main reasons as to why this happens:

1. It’s a proven fact that men lose weight faster than women due to the fact that they have more muscle than fat in their bodies than women do, due to the high rate of testosterone in their bodies.

2. Also due to men being larger built and generally taller they need more calories to fuel and energize them than most women do. This is also why most men eat more food than women, therefore they have an advantage when it comes to gaining and losing weight.

3. Men have a naturally faster metabolism than women, due to, once again testosterone. Also men tend to use and burn off energy faster than women do, hence more fat gets burned off. It may seem unfair, but hey I guess it’s the rules of nature.




All in all it’s relatively easy to lose and maintain a healthy weight without having to deprive yourself. Get into the habit of eating healthy every day and try to resist the temptation when those enemies disguised as sugar and carbs call out to you. I’m not saying don’t entertain them, just remember that moderation is the key.

Also if you are one of those people who don’t want to lose weight and are happy as you are, remember that it’s always good to workout, just to stay fit and healthy, and I mean, who doesn’t want to kill all those birds with that ONE stone?